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What is a micropractice?

A micropractice is a medical practice that generally runs with few (or no) staff and utilize technology to keep overhead low which allows the physician to see fewer patients and spend more time with each one.  I want to get to know you and your family and spend time developing relationships instead of on the "treadmill" of the production-based model of health care. ​​

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Insurance and Fees

Most office visits, including OMT, FSM, group visits and telemedicine, are covered as a usual visit by your insurance company.  There will be services that you may choose that are not covered and will need to be paid at time of service.  It is your responsibility to check with your insurance company to see what services are covered. 

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Can I see you when I am sick or hurt?

Yes!!  If you see Dr. Meigs, please schedule with him.  If you see Dr. Worden, while not serving as your "PCP," we would love to help care for you when you are sick or injured.  This can be done in te office or via telemedicine.  

Our approach to illness is to support you, your immune system and focus on natural treatments when possible.  

Use of OMT, FSM and functional approaches to pain and injury can help you feel better faster, reduce need for opioid medication.  

Our goal is to not only help you now, but also help to prevent long term complications from treatment in the years to come. 

Can Dr. Worden or Dr Bowman be my PCP?

Many patients do not understand the administrative role being a "PCP" is.  Our goal is to focus time and energy on helping you, not doing administrative work for the insurance companies. 

We will require that you maintain your primary care physician (PCP) for routine screening exams such as pap smears, colonoscopies, prostate exams, etc. and for urgent situations requiring immediate care or hospitalization. We are happy to work collaboratively with your PCP and/or specialists .

What is a PCP?

How do I schedule an appointment?

If you are a current patient, you will want to schedule my sending a message through the Charm patient portal, calling or texting the office (503) 831-9231.  If you are a previous or new patient, our staff will contact you to schedule your first appointment once all paperwork has been completed. 

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