Spruce Health

This is what answers your phone calls and texts.  It is also an app you can install on your phone for HIPPA compliant messaging.   You can also upload photos and PDF's for us to review. 

Spruce Health

Charm Patient Portal

This is your patient portal.  


-Send and receive HIPPA compliant messages

-View test results

-Make and view appointments

-Insurance billing 

-Make payments

-View previous visit notes

Charm PHR


Fullscript is an online dispensary.  You will first need to be granted access by one of the providers at Bloom Functional Medicine.  


When you purchase supplements in the clinic at an office visit, you will get 30% off MSRP.  If you need supplements between appointments, see our supplement page for website to order from. 

This page is meant for providers only. 


The learning curve can be steep.  

Here are resources that can help you on your journey to find health and wellness for you and your family. 

Functional Medicine: A Science Whose Time Has Come

EXPERIENCE LIFE:  article on functional medicine